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October 09: Planning, executing, and refining a successful SEO strategy is more difficult than ever. The days of blogging and a sporadic marketing campaign landing you on the first page of Google search results are long gone.

SEO has developed into a complicated approach with numerous moving elements that must work together to provide a consistent brand experience. Brands must also optimize for new features such as voice search and featured snippets and guarantee that all technical requirements are met.

Furthermore, characteristics like authority and credibility are increasingly important to search performance, implying that reputation management should be part of your SEO strategy.

ThatWare listens to your company goals, learns about your brand identity, market, and competitive landscape, and then develops a bespoke plan to get you where you need to go—and beyond.

Here are some of the things that set us distinct from other SEO firms:

Clients receive greater attention due to our low employee-to-client ratio.

According to our SEO specialists, a great SEO plan begins with a thorough grasp of our customers’ issues, objectives, and target audience. We can devote more time to each account since our employee-to-client ratio is minimal, allowing us to develop an SEO approach that matches your brand values and audience intent.

Clients are assigned to a dedicated specialist that analyses keyword performance, industry trends, and the competitive landscape daily to spot and capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

Weekly or bi-weekly calls are included with ThatWare SEO services.

We won’t charge you for service and then disappear from the map. We place a high emphasis on our client connections since they help us to stay on track and achieve our goals.

We’ll update you weekly or biweekly on how things are progressing, and we’ll explain our procedures in plain English, not jargon and buzzwords. Clients are kept up to date with these regular check-ins. We’ll talk about what’s working, where we can improve, and how we can all work together to make sure the plan is on track.

We employ thorough techniques, and we have case studies to back it up.

We’re more than just an SEO firm. When you work with us, you’ll get access to a team of professionals that have a comprehensive grasp of the digital marketing environment, including how SEO services interact with social media, content marketing, PR, and conversion rate optimization. ThatWare controls $60 million in yearly ad spend, putting us uniquely positioned to achieve outcomes across various platforms.

If you’d want to view the data, we’ll gladly provide case studies to demonstrate our credibility.

Customized And Transparent Reporting

How an SEO firm measures campaign effectiveness is one of the most important aspects to consider before hiring one. While other SEO companies use generic reports for all accounts, ThatWare creates personalized reports based on the most important KPIs to your company.

Furthermore, our reporting is always completely open, with frequent updates on keyword performance, user behavior, rankings, and website performance. We’ll keep you informed at all times so you know where your website stands and what actions we’re doing to enhance performance.

Award-Winning SEO Services with a Proven Track Record

ThatWare is managed by experienced SEO consultant Tuhin Banik, a visionary and inventive SEO specialist and strategist, and is one of the finest SEO agencies in the US, UK, and India.

ThatWare is a fixture on industry lists, with 70+ skilled workers and over 350 clients like Heavyglare, Incrediwear, and NanaWall. It has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Search Engine Land, Entrepreneur, and Inc.

AI-Based SEO

ThatWare’s SEO services take a holistic approach to improving your website’s rankings by optimizing on-page performance, resolving backend issues, and creating SEO-friendly content that appeals to your target audience.

We’ll start by correcting the technical issues on your site, ensuring that crawlers can travel through it and locate you. Then, utilizing several technologies, we’ll do a deep dive into your area to find the best keywords and help you apply them in a way that generates sales.

Local SEO

Increased search performance may substantially improve foot traffic to your actual site for brick-and-mortar businesses. Our major aim with our local business clients is to get them on the map to capture more high-intent customers searching for “near me” searches.

We’ll start by improving your Google My Company page and ensuring that all of your existing business listings are consistent. We’ll focus on generating citations and implementing a review creation plan to gain consumers’ credibility after everything is set up appropriately.

International SEO 

As your business develops into new areas worldwide, you’ll need to devise a plan for communicating with local audiences in their native tongue. While you may be able to translate some SEO material, determining the search intent of foreign language searches and the phrases that people use to discover information is extremely difficult.

ThatWare specializes in multilingual and multiregional SEO tactics, allowing our clients to provide engaging experiences no matter where they are or what language they use.

Digital PR And Link Building

Because of factors like Google’s drive to combat false news and its dedication to giving consumers the most relevant answers to their inquiries, brand reputation is becoming a greater element of the SEO equation. Links from high-ranking websites, specialty directories, and authoritative sources are critical to advancing the search ranks since relevance favors large names.

SEO Consultation

ThatWare provides SEO consulting services to assist businesses plan, execute, and enhance their SEO strategies. We’ll examine internal procedures, make recommendations and give hands-on assistance, as well as documentation that covers everything from workflows to analytics to channel-specific tactics.

E-Commerce SEO 

Our e-commerce SEO services are designed to help businesses acquire qualified customers and boost conversions. We’ll repair technical difficulties, optimize descriptions, and strengthen your internal linking structure to promote browsing. We’ll also use structured markup to assist search engines in comprehending your site better, focus on creating a memorable brand, and establish a review-generating plan to help consumers trust you.


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