Thursday, July 18, 2024
New Delhi (India), July 18: Indian Skin Clinic, recognized as the best hair treatment clinic in Nagpur, is so happy to announce that the trademark for the PEP-GF 9/4...

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 Boomlex Technologies Launches at IIM Bangalore: The Ultimate Web Applications and Software AI Recommendation Engine

Bangalore (Karnataka) , July 17:  In a remarkable event held at the prestigious IIM Bangalore Auditorium, Boomlex Technologies Private Limited proudly unveiled its innovative...

Bartronics India Ltd: A Leading Provider of Identification and Data Capture Solutions

New Delhi (India), July 17: Bartronics India Ltd, founded in 1990, is a company that specializes in helping businesses track and identify things efficiently....

Coocaa Introduces New Google TV Series to Indian Market Featuring Karaoke Function and Advanced Eye Care Technology

New Delhi (India), July 15:  Coocaa, a prominent brand under Skyworth, is proud to announce the launch of its latest Google TV series in...

Nervfit and MyCLNQ Announce Collaboration to Expand Technology Driven Preventive Healthcare in India

Bangalore (Karnataka) , July 2: Nervfit, a prominent player in wearable technology, and MyCLNQ Health Singapore, a leader in digital health solutions provider, are...

Revolutionizing Warehousing with SAP EWM and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs): SCM Champs Success Story

New Delhi (India), June 27: In the rapidly evolving world of logistics and supply chain management, integrating cutting-edge technology is crucial for maintaining efficiency and...



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Upcoming WHO Resolution must galvanize action to tackle preventable Maternal and Child Mortality

Geneva (Switzerland), May 22:  The Global progress on improving maternal, newborn, and child survival has stalled. In an article published in The Lancet, Ali Hajji Adam, Ministry of Health, Somalia (AHA)...

RNFI Services Limited IPO Opens On July 22, 2024

Mumbai (Maharashtra) , July 18: RNFI Services Limited, offering advanced financial technology solutions, has announced its plan to go public with an Initial Public Offering...

Seneca Polytechnic Leads Seminar on AI In Healthcare, Announces New Programs And Industry Collaborations

New Delhi (India), July 18:  Seneca Polytechnic recently hosted a seminar led by Maria May, Dean of the Seneca Nanji Foundation School of Nursing,...

Dr. Lal Tanwani Unveils ‘Bharat – Leading Yesterday, Leading Tomorrow’: Celebrating India’s Global Influence”

Mumbai (Maharashtra) July 18 : The world has recognized India’s power in the past decade with all due credit to its ancient knowledge,...