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India’s biggest virtual film festival Malhaar launches NFT Tickets

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Mumbai (India), June 15: After winning many hearts and satisfying cinema lovers with the first season, the second edition of the Malhaar short film festival is here to thrill and entertain cinema lovers once more. But this season has something unique as the film festival will be using non-fungible tokens to provide ownership to the creators. This year the festival is accepting some incredible international and regional films. The event is organised by Match My [Talent], and its aim is to display the many colours of professional as well as amateur filmmakers.

Malhaar Virtual Film Festival has become the first-ever platform that is using blockchain-based Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to deliver ownership and monetized honour to the filmmakers, storytellers, and artists. The tickets are available on their official website. All you need is a Metamask wallet and you are good to go.

By introducing the use of blockchain-based NFTs, the Malhaar Virtual Film Festival is paving way for a more innovative and revolutionary path. Since Non-Fungible tokens are one of a kind, they can’t be duplicated or copied. When an artist uploads their work on the Match My Talent platform, an NFT will be awarded to them. The artist can easily verify it through a simple process. What makes this process different is the artists receive a badge as well as an NFT. While other film festivals only deliver a badge to the participants.

The team always makes sure to present an unbiased and democratic space to storytellers making films and telling stories in their own unique styles. They believe in learning more about different cultures and ways of storytelling.

Sonia Swaroop Choksi, Festival Director and the co-founder of Match My [Talent] calls the platform a free and inclusive space to share ideas, experiences, and movies. “After the grand success of its first edition, Malhaar festival is back this year to give a platform to filmmakers to show their magic with their movies on themes like mental health, education, migration, gender issues, and passion”, she said.

“We are using NFT tickets to make the most use of technology and also make the process easier for our creators”, she added.

For those looking out for the themes for this year, they are passion, education, gender, mental health, and migration. The LOCAL edition of the second season of the festival will be live from July 9 to July 16, 2022. Rajit Kapoor, Neeraj Kabi, K. Rajagopal, Gautam Vaze, and Adil Husain are some of the famous celebrities from the industry who are a part of the Film Review Jury. Malhaar is India’s first and biggest virtual global film festival that receives high recognition and wide acceptance.

Malhaar Virtual Film Festival provides a wider scope for learning as filmmakers will be given a chance of interacting with each other and providing feedback. There will also be awards in various fields including the Best Indian Short Film, Best International Short Film, Best Short Film under 20 minutes, etc.

You can visit the link below to buy your NFT ticket:

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