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Global Digital Technology Token (GDTT) – a new age of tech crypto

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Edinburgh [UK], September 6: The Global Digital Technology Token (GDTT) ecosystem is a new development format for tech start-ups and innovative projects, whose economic model is based on crypto and blockchain technologies, monetization, and tokenization. As well as businesses that are looking for international promotion and support.

GDTT’s future prediction is to reach 1 million people in the next 5 years.

The GDTT’s global goal is to bring positive change to Tech business, the economy, and society.

1) The Global Digital Technology Token (GDTT) platform, which uses proprietary blockchain and digital assets. The platform is a global information portal for digital crowdfunding, working in conjunction with the Global Digital Technology Token (GDTT) exchange.

2) Networking with infrastructure to support innovative projects and start-ups with information, technical, legal, and accounting assistance at all stages of preparation and implementation.

3) Digital Global Digital Technology Token (GDTT) exchange of secured and unsecured virtual assets, formalized by local legislation. The Exchange hosts and trades assets of Tech start-ups and Tech projects in token/GDTT and GDTT/top pairs.

Global Digital Technology Token (GDTT) is currently working on 4 project





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GDTT also have its metaverse programme.

Here’s a project overview

 • Decentralized solution in GDCC network

   NFT minting

 • 3D nature of the project with Virtual Reality

 • Avatar creation

 • NFT objects minting(For buildings assets, exteriors, etc.)

 • NFT Marketplace for Collectables

 • Attributes for the buildings, parts, play area (Like beach volleyball), etc.

 • Platform’s Token in the GDC network

Metaverse Island

Multiple Islands will be available for the Theme Idea >>

•  Each Island can be owned by any individual or plots on each Island can

   be owned

• Users can build their buildings or sports centres or any resorts in

   the Island

• One major island will be having an exclusive resort for users. Where

  they can play games, build community, etc.


•One can create an Avatar to represent themselves inside the virtual

The world as some character

Can customize the entire avatar with the options like Body | Head | Top |

Bottom | Shoes | Accessories Collectibles


•Players can buy in-game buildings without utility for in-game currency

•Players can move from one Island to another

•Players can build buildings for any purpose using the builder tool

For more info visit:




https://techexpo2024.com/ https://techhunt2025.com/

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