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Dr. Neha Prasad Kamat: A Journey from Tradition to Transformation in Mental Health and Social Advocacy

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Dr. Neha Prasad kamat, believes in the logic of life Karma believer, what you think you believe, what you believe you can create.

Dr. Neha Prasad Kamat, a renowned psychologist and influential voice in mental health care and child development, exemplifies dedication and resilience. As the founder of the Kamat Social Foundation, she is committed to educational and social upliftment. Dr. Kamat is also the visionary behind SoulRoots Clinic, where she works tirelessly to support families and enhance their well-being. Her research, published in leading journals, earned her a doctorate from IIU University and numerous accolades, including the Abdul Kalam Award and recognition in the London Book of Records.

Early Life and Educational Journey

Born on July 8, 1983, in Hubli, Dr. Kamat grew up in a royal, conservative family in Karnataka. Despite societal expectations and early marriage in her 20s, she nurtured a dream of becoming a writer and a doctor. The path to her aspirations was fraught with challenges and societal judgment, but her unwavering willpower saw her through.

Writing and Advocacy

Dr. Kamat’s first book, “Women in Me,” dedicated to women, was a bestseller, selling 3,000 copies in its first year both online and offline. Second book “psychology and you” is all about mental health awareness both books are available online portals Amazon  Her writings, rich with personal experiences and insights, have made her a beacon of inspiration for many. She emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, understanding one’s strengths, and the power of penning down thoughts.

Personal Life and Support System

Dr. Kamat attributes much of her success to her supportive husband and two sons, who provided her the space and time needed to pursue her dreams. She draws strength from her father’s teachings and her grandmother, Geeta Kamat, a singer who left a lasting legacy. Her father’s advice to maintain a “bucket list of dreams” and the courage to persist despite failures remains a guiding principle in her life.

Social Initiatives and Vision

Kamat Social Foundation actively engages in educational awareness programs in villages, cleanliness drives near dams, and support for underprivileged communities. The foundation also focuses on mental health awareness, providing free programs on stress and anxiety. Dr. Kamat envisions expanding her efforts to include old age homes and orphanages.

At SoulRoots Clinic, Dr. Kamat addresses psychological disorders and plans to introduce certification workshops on psychology. Her mission is to continue her father’s legacy by serving society, spreading positivity, and highlighting the invaluable worth of daughters.

Philosophy and Life Lessons

Dr. Kamat believes that while money can buy many things, it cannot purchase respect, health, happiness, peace, love, and relationships. Her journey underscores the importance of these invaluable aspects of life.

Through her videos, writings, and social work, Dr. Neha Prasad Kamat continues to inspire and uplift, proving that determination and support can turn dreams into reality, even against the odds.


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