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EnGame celebrates the Top 10 Entrepreneurs who are acing it

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June 4: Agam Chaudhary has been creating experiences and communities for brands across the globe for 15 years. During these times, he has helped several e-commerce, and technology-led brands across the globe thrive and grab a bigger market pie. Lately, he has been involved in building the successes of Metaverse, NFTs, and complex D2C assignments, along with energy-led team development. He has also been teaching marketing and technology in universities and accelerators related to start-ups.`

Saurabh Chaudhary, the founder of Outcry, a creative marketing and events agency, is a serial young generation entrepreneur known for his exceptional achievements in lifting and positioning many brands and organising world-class events. His ten years of expertise in the advertising and events industry, combined with his unique and modern approach, has made him one of the fastest-growing entrepreneurs in the industry. For more details, contact –

Dr. Mukesh Bangar is an AI researcher, entrepreneur, and coder. He is the founder and lead developer of Muks Robotics – The AI Company. Mukesh is a self-taught programmer and embedded designer who graduated from a government college with a degree in dentistry. His persistent research in the domain has obtained competence and profound knowledge about various AI models. For more information, contact – .

Nikesh Jain, an International Business graduate from MIT-SOM College, Pune, is an entrepreneur residing in Bengaluru who made his mark with his ever-spreading start-up. With a young mind motivated and driven in ‘XROSS BUTTON’, an international menswear apparel brand, he is passionate about his future. Focusing on the newest style with a wide variety makes the brand trending. This trendsetting brand is a feather in his hat. Besides, he’s a poet, mentor, and public speaker, inspiring and motivating people around him, enriching their life on personal and professional sides.

Bhagyashree is a 21-year-old engineering student at MITADT University and one of the youngest entrepreneurs on our list. Having gone through a first-hand experience of difficulty finding mental health support, she started India’s First student-only mental health platform, CoHeal, which is slowly becoming a familiar name among students.

Jatin Verma, the CEO of Shankaraya Technologies, proved that expertise and maturity are not related to age by becoming the youngest entrepreneur in India. Jatin frequently claims that his curiosity and desire to move drove him to make such a risky decision at such a young age.

Manas Kumar is a young entrepreneur who has been putting his talent and efforts into the digital entrepreneurship industry. Manas is also an intraday trader with an experience of 3 years0. Manas grew up with a dream to be his boss, to live life to the fullest, and his determination toward his passion paved the way to the abode of success. Connect to him:

Amit Raj Singh is an Investment Banker, and sideways he started educating other students about NFT and Web 3.0 through his startup Lightbulb. He is just 24 years old and has launched more than 13 projects with kids’ help. His primary focus is to make children aware of the upcoming stuff.

Nikhil Janai, CEO, and Founder of Billinardo, an everlasting and unique fashion brand. This brand creates timeless and beautiful pieces that make you trendy in any season. It is a versatile unisex western clothing brand with international standards making fashion at national levels. Affordable and customer-centric, this is your next shop stop for changing your wardrobe and sprucing up your style. Vishu Gupta – A small-town boy started his journey in the Healthcare industry with an empire vision to provide maximum services free of cost for those who can’t afford monthly high-budget medicines. So Vishu Gupta started his own company, “Health Daughter”, to make this vision into reality with 4 team members. We are currently dependent on our funding, but after we reach our targeted performance, we will pitch to investors.

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